Supporting individuals of all ages with reaching their goals and getting through difficult situations that may arise.

Pediatric Counselling 

Children and Youth can often experience a variety of concerns on their journey of self-discovery, growth, and development.  Peer relationships, family dynamics, and educational attainment are some common  challenges that minors may encounter.

Children and youth are one of the most resilient populations whereby short term counselling can provide tremendous encouragement, support and tools to support each individual and their families.


Have you ever wondered more about who you are,  any potential diagnose(s) and recommendations that would assist you or your child in everyday life or education then a psychological assessment maybe a good opportunity for you.

Couples Counselling

Sometimes considered the most influential and significant relationship in your life. It is imperative to foster this relationship and bring it to optimal performance for yourself, your loved one, and in some cases your entire family.

Often times misunderstandings and dysfunctional behavioral, and mistrust put a wrench in the quality of a relationship.  

Therapy is typically a safe space for the couple to unravel their unhelpful coping strategies and deepen their love and understanding of one another.


Common patterns in connection amongst family members can leave an energy and space of frustration and cause much discomfort for the individuals involved. 

It is the beginning foundations of the self and other relationships.

Family Therapy encourages healthy boundaries, communication, and understandings.  


Mediation is a short-term, directive, and solution focused  consultation that assists companies, high conflict couples, or others come to as much of a common ground and understanding without the hassle and high costs of going through the court system.